Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Miss it

I miss working, not in a sense of the income we lost but in the sense of the personal fulfilment I gained.
For those that know me, know that I am a trained Special Education Aide and worked alongside teachers in special school with some awesome children that had disabilities and behaviours of concern, for those that didn’t know, do now, and frankly it is that best gig in the world.
But Hubby and my little family just moved from picturesque Victoria to the hustle and bustle of Sydney which evidently meant giving up my awesome career.
I hold no one responsible, nor do I resent anyone for it, it’s just how it is for us as a defence family, another town, another chapter in our life, we take it on the chin and have always viewed it as a new adventure, and I made the decision to remain out of work until the kids were settled into school and day care, what I didn’t take into account was the travel *peak hour is a bitch* and the cost of care both after school and child care, all this mounting up against me didn’t really assist in my favour of going back to work, it just really didn’t equal itself out, and at the end of the day wasn’t really worth it.

Now I’ve known something has been amiss since we’ve moved, I’ve been in a funk that I just couldn’t shake, but it wasn’t until we were at a local market as a family when it hit me
I seen a boy spinning, pacing, flapping and humming to himself, clearly Autistic, that just mesmerised me, I stood watching him, oblivious to everyone else, *now I’m not an irresponsible mother* I was aware of my children bumbling ahead fossicking through stalls for the ultimate toy to buy and hubby trailing somewhere behind me, but I was awe struck, everyone else paid him no attention, if anything gave him a wide berth, but I happily stood watching for what seemed like forever. I must have had a smile spread across my face because the next thing I experienced was the gravelly tone of hubby snapping in my ear that
“I was happier with them then I was with my own family”
*please forgive his incorrectness it was sheer frustration that drew him to this point*

I spun around ready to defend myself with all the venom of a wounded viper but as I went to strike out I realised he was right, I was at my happiest right there at that point, and I had no argument. I simply responded with
“your right I miss it” I
 missed work, I missed all the kids, there faces, there smiles, I missed everything!
I stood there dumfounded realising in that split second I’d been in some sort of morning, grieving in a sense, for each and every child that held a place in my heart, I still see their faces, still know there stories, still know their voices and laughs just as I know my own children, I was pining for them, to see them all again, even if it was to be sworn at again.  
Now I’m not some weirdo that needs to feel wanted or needed, I have three smalls and an iron pumping, continual fridge munching husband, I have all the needing and wanting that makes me want to build a cave in the garbage bin some days just for peace and quiet, and anyone that can withstand me every morning has more unconditional love than anyone deserves in a life time. I am a very lucky women blessed with an amazing family and an even more remarkable extended family. 

But people with Disabilities are just the most amazing people you’ll ever met, they are the most unique, individual, loveable, and courageous people, they have a way of viewing life that’s so complex yet so in your face simple, they find the biggest of pleasures in the simplest of things and love whole hearted unconditionally and without judgement.  

I can’t explain exactly what “it” is
But to me it’s that feeling you get when you successfully reach a goal when everyone said that child couldn’t and wouldn’t do it,

It’s seeing a child smile when they do something independently for the first time,

It’s seeing the children experience something for the first time and love it.

It’s walking out of work with a full heart knowing your making a difference to a child, to a family.

It’s feeling the warmth of a families hand when you meet them and know it comes from their hearts,
That feeling right there is infectious, it seeps into every fibre of your soul, composing the foundations for a life changing experience, that alters everything you ever knew and will ever know.
But for those that don’t know that feeling I’ll try explaining it this way...

You know when you’re watching X factor, or those singing judging shows and the judges are really critical of a contestant and you find yourself feeling really  sorry for them and then when they start singing and blows everyone away and you’re on your feet fist pumping the air screaming suck shit, well that’s what “it’s” like every day.

That feeling of awe, amazement, and absolute inspiration that grips your gut and makes you want to stand and scream “hell yeah” from the highest tower, because there that awesome.  

And although Hubby doesn’t understand what “it’” is, he does support me, so as I embark on another educational journey, to pacify my needs until I can go back to work, he’ll be there bringing me coffee, helping out cooking dinner, or rubbing my back as I slump over the keyboard completing assignment after assignment, he’ll be there every step of the way.

So as much as this is my person "ah" enlightenment moment post for me it's also my thank you tribute post to my hubby because even though it's my study, it's really study, our journey together as he is never really to far from my side, and without him it really would'nt be possible. He's my strength, my rock, and my kick in the back side.
Love you honey xxxx

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hitting The Books.....Again!

I've made the decision that I'm going back to study again.

This means more late nights slumped at the key board, copious amounts of coffee, the occasional screaming, crying, stress induced hissy fit *yes I do throw them and I see exactly were Miss Moo gets it from when I do* plenty more assignments, numerous hours inside a classrooms,  priceless achievements, flourishing confidence, new skills, placement time, fulfillment and career clarity.

But I've done it before and I'm determined to do it again.

I've filled out my application, sealed it with hope and posted it off.

Now its all a waiting game.

I hate waiting!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

What If......

I'm not a scarves wearer, but I find this bleak fresh Thursday morning wrapping one around my neck seems right.

For security?

Am I making a statement?

 Because is cold and looks fashionable?

To hide what only the Doctor and I know is there?

To cover the marks they leave behind in my make up perhaps?................

I don't know

But I somehow feel better with in on, like a shield of amour, giving me warmth and bravery as I go alone to yet again another appointment.

Faceless, voiceless practitioners, there smiles a facade,

I stare at the roof, following hollow instructions.

I catch a glimpse at the screen and see why I’m there, it doesn’t look that bad, measurement look huge compared to what it feels like under my finger tips, I see flashes of red and blue, is that blood and oxygen?

Why can’t they explain it to you? Why won’t she talk, she knows I bloody can’t she’s scanning my neck!

3 hrs and I get my results, god bless Sydney for it's efficiency.
3 hrs to find out my fate,

But we know that’s a lie, because I need another Doctor to decipher the images and the written report, even though my 8yrs of experience might help me understand, I think it's best in the hands of professionals today.

But what if they got it wrong? What if she didn’t take the right images? What if she didn’t take enough? What if she didn’t measure right? What if she was in the wrong spot? What if I showed her the wrong spot? What if there’s more?  What if it's something else?

What if?

So many what if’s........

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Anzac day has always been met with a great sense of pride, respect and passion in my house hold, not just because I am the wife of a serving member but because I come from a long line of serving members and it's in my blood!

My father was a Navy man, His father also served in the RAF before migrating to Australia.
Both my father's brothers served, one in the Army (whom continues to serve in the reserves) the other in the RAAF, even one of his sister served briefly in the Army.

My husbands father served in the Army, as did his father and his fathers brother.
Ron had the honour last year of marching along side his father wearing his grandfather medals, and the feelings surrounding that momentous event was indescribable.

So there is a long line of history when it comes to our family and Anzac Day, and the kids love watching there father march and take great pride in the days events.

It honestly wouldn't surprise me if at least one of my children became serving members themselves.

We as a family had a rather quiet Anzac Day this year (which is rather unusual in itself ) but then again Anzac Day is a time to remember rather than a time to get rolling drunk and stagger home.

After Ron's initial dawn service we spent the morning lazying about home researching and reading Ron's grandfather's Defence documents and enlistment paper work, spent sometime at the park as a family, and enjoyed a lovely lunch with close friends at the local League's club.  

Being new to Sydney we weren't really clued up on what was on and honestly the kids and I didn't actually expect Ron home at all, so it was nice to spend it together as a family for once.

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable Anzac Day.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Epic Fail

I woke up at 7am this morning, Packed lunches, organised school bags, uniforms, school shoes, 
got breakfast sorted and fed into their little bellies.

Stop to boast on facebook how good it is that school is back today.

I sort day care bags, hair combed, teeth brushed, faces washed, and headed out the door.

I dropped Master T at day care, he surprisingly went without a fuss after having just over a week off for holidays. no one said anything as they made comment at how gorgeous and smart Miss Moos looked in her uniform with her hair in the fish tail braids.

I drove to school 8:45 knowing parking being first day back of term and now raining was going to be problematic, pull into car park.............empty!

I think, gate must be locked I'll go around the front, surely school is on. Right?

I see the crossing guard, glimmer of hope, I see teachers cars, I smile,  but the gates are still closed!
I'm so confused.

I think to myself, I'll go home and check the news letter.

I get home, tell kids to remain in the car and race inside to check the newsletter on the fridge.
there it is in black and white.

School returns Tuesday 24th April

I tell the kids to get out of the car (quickly don't want the neighbours to know what a dick I am) head upstairs get changed because I have a few errands to run.

I got up at 7am and out of the house by 8am for nothing!
and to add insult to injury I now have to do it again tomorrow.  

Going It Solo

1 Adult, 1 Dog (my 4th baby), 3 Kids and 930km round trip of highway.
Nothing is impossible!

The trip started off with miserable weather,
but that didn't stop the kids having fun,
 and spending quality time with their Nanny and Boo Boo.

We managed some time however breif it was in the sand and surf.
To see Grandpa who is much better and moving about a little more each day.
Fixed my punctured tyre, thanks to an anonymous nail,
Finished my book,
Go carted,
Easter egg/treasure map hunted
Ate good food,
 Played mah-jong
And let the Kids run around the farm, breathing in fresh air, streching there lungs an legs, and enjoying the freedom of space. 

It was Murphy's law that the best weather was as we headed home.

I was quietly suprised that the traffic was quiet considering how close to the end of school holidays It was, I was expecting a lot of congestion and delays.

I can not fault the kids on there travel performance, even if one more pit (pee) stop was going to reduce me to wimpering heap, but I'm blessed with 3 excellent travelllers, they have been well seasoned since they we're born, travelling from the N.T down to VIC every year, and I am glad to say they were just angels to travel with yet again.

I'm not new to travelling long distances solo with 3 kids and a dog, but this has been my longest journey so far, and remarkably the easiest trip I've made.
 But I think this has to do more with the kids age then my experience.

As a defence wife I've never been one to sit around and wait for good things to happen in the hands of others, like holidays approved, time off, or wishful promises,
 because I know from experience that it just doesnt happen like that, I've learn't the hard way, the kind that envolves, heartache, screaming mactches, and worst of all the sorrowful eyes of little children looking questionlying "but why".

I learnt that If I didn't take the bull by the horn my kids would miss out and so would I, and whilst I know it sounds selfish leaving my husband at home alone fending for himself  and slaving away at work while we're away on holidays having a blast, if he had time off we'd have him with us in a heart beat. 

Limitations are only restrictions we put on ourselves.

I know there will be a lot more trip in the near distance future. I know I can do it, and nothing will stop me.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holiday Mode

So Tuesday I packed the car full stuff, 3 kidlets, an the dog and I embarked on a 6hr journey up the coast to my parents farm to see out the remaining school holidays. I'm blessed with excellent travelers and despite the DVD player having some power malfunction not even 30 mins out of Sydney we still survived the entire trip with out it. I love travelling but the gods were against me yesterday pouring bucket loads of rain all over my little car the whole entire trip, but nothing damped our spirites, we were going to Nanny and Boo Boo's. The kids have been live wires ever since they got out of the car practically running, the fresh air, room to run and endless adventure and places to explore have them running in circles like excited puppies chasing there tales. Even the slight rain shower this morning didn't deter them from there Easter treasure hunter, fully equipped with individual treasure maps, clues and x marks the spot ( post to follow ) They are having a ball, just what they need to rest and recoup before going back to school next week.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Taming The Mane.

Yep it's like this every morning without fail, It's in need of a serious pruning, but the issue with moving is finding a new hair dresser that understands you and your hair.

It took me almost 8mth back in Victoria before I found a hair dresser that had a halo and wings.

I've been to one here to kill time, funny reason I know, long story short, I locked myself out of the house an couldn't justify the 2 and a 1/2 hour round trip to collect keys from hubby, so I got a hair cut to kill time between shopping, and whilst she was lovely and did the job I wasn't exactly singing her praise when I left.

So the hunt still continues, and the mane still grows wild free.

 I found a lovely little place the other day worth investigation so I popped my head in said Hi, ladies seemed pleasant, so I'll head on in once the kidlets head back to school and tame my tresses,

Maybe I'll just hack them all off, problem solved, 
hubby wont choke and strangle on them in his sleep, I wont have to brush my carpets every two days, my daughter and I wont fight over the "good" hair bands, problem solved,
everyone's happy happy happy!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why Begin Blogging Again???

Why did I start blogging again?

I originally started blogging for the same reasons most bloggers started blogging, to stay in touch and share their life with family and friends.

At the time I created my blog I was living in the Northern Territory, a newly petrified mother, isolated from her parents living in Stuarts Point NSW and her in laws in Wodonga VIC, so naturally without the modern technology of face book nowadays I blogged, updates, family photo’s, baby milestones, adventures and major events.
But as we all do, we got busy, the kids with growing up and school, I with studying and working, Hubby with globetrotting, deployments and work, I just didn’t have the time or energy to blog, and then I got sick.

My sickness (if that’s what you’d call it) requires a mountain of medications, and some of those as a glorious side affect are affecting my memory.

It’s just little things here and there at the moment that are becoming a struggle to remember, but it’s alarming when I can’t remember what I packed the kids on their sandwiches for lunch not 30mins before, or what I was saying mid sentence (on a bad day if interrupted) let alone their achievements and success from a whole school year, or special outing we’ve shared together as a family.

So I felt the strong obligation to start journaling and blogging again, mainly for myself, so I can look back and bitch slap my memory from time to time, but also the added benefit of my family whom we’ve been separated from again to experience our adventures more “in-depth” then just the odd facebook photo.

So there you have it, I’m not blogging for fame or fortune, or even my own egotistical need to be wanted, accepted or popular, sadly it’s due to own medical induced forgetfulness that my life’s journaling reignited.

How unexciting.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

My Latest Salvation.

Another Soulful Salvation In My Music List
Particularly During The Holidays.  

It doesn't have the same drowning out abilities Metallica has but it works for me at a certain level

Which Side?

Welcome to my side of the bed!

Every morning I am blinded by streams of sunlight pouring through this useless window.
It servers no purpose what so ever in this corner of the house other than to piss me off and mock my lack of sleep.

Now normally I wouldn't mind, it's my alarm clock to get up and begin the daily routine of waking the kids, school lunches, breakfast, uniforms ready, backpacks... yad yad yad.

But its school holidays!
I have no rush to get up, I can lay in bed while the kids scream about the house, play in there rooms, or simply watch T.V.
 I have no need to fly out of bed unless the words "Scissors" are used in a sentence or things go "to quiet"
It's school holidays when I have no requirement or need to get up at 7am so why does the sun still taunt me through this window.

I picked this side of the bed purely because it was closest to the exit if I was needed for the kids in the middle of the night, and closets to the bathroom.
It was all about priorities, (stuffed those up)

Is it to late to swap sides?

Have you ever swapped sides of the bed?


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sports Of Sorts

It's every fathers dream to have their son play some sort of man to man contact, sweaty, chase a ball, beastly sport, whether it be AFL, Rugby, cricket, union, soccer or something similar.

Well my house hold is no different, my husband isn't one of those "weekend warrior must watch football" fans, nor does he play any sports aside from the compulsory Defence Force PT sessions but we are an active family, and we both wanted the kids to play some sort of sport.

Since moving we have tried to find something for Miss Moo and Master Z to do as extracurricular activities that suited our family budget and fitted in with our routines, but we also wanted to give the kids a choice as well, I mean they were the ones doing the activities right.

Finding something for Miss Moo was easier than expected, we kind of stumbled upon a dance physie group advertised through Master Ty’s day-care that suited her flamboyant charm to a T and at $80 a term we were happy as well.

Master Z was a little harder, but as his choice mattered he opted for karate, So we gave it a shot, after one session which he did quite well, and the weeks that followed it was evident this was not the sport for him, you see Master Z didn't understand that just because he had learnt to Defend himself didnt mean when his younger brother got too much for him to handle that it was ok to karate kick and chop away at until he was rendered a defenceless huddled heap in a corner screaming for his mum.

No matter how many talks we had with him, explaining the pros and con's, and do's, don't, and most importantly why's, Master Z seemed to think this was the best way to deal with his emotions.

Now I'm a Special Educational Aide, I deal with being hit, kicked, punched, spat on, sworn at all day long and know that it is all expressive language, no matter how you look at it, it is language in some form, But my son, who is newly 8 has never used violence as a form of language in my house hold never! Yes he has screamed and cried, had numerous melt downs, but never has he hit his siblings in rage or angst before, so to see this behaviour after one karate session, ONE session, no way was he going back.

So the search continued,

but there wasn't much around, Master Z insisted on soccer but the last time he played he ended in tears due to accidentally getting kicked in the shin, not because it hurt but because master Z didn't understand that sort of accident is what happens in that sort of game, but he thought the child didn't like him, and refused to go back to play, and upon reminding him of that and going over the rules of the game, the “nervous Nelly” (as I call it) in him opted out.

So this week at their school assembly, a wonderful representative from the Giants got up and announced the NAB AFL Aus Kick program that was starting up soon, I listened as he explained to the whole school what the program was all about, and found myself in awe of how engaged he had the whole entire school hall full of kids listening and chuckled at how envious the teachers must be.

But I paid no attention to details from the moment he mentioned “various sports” as Master Z is strict with routines would have none of that I thought to myself for sure, I mean at home if you say you’re doing something, you do it, if you write something down, it’s going to be done, (he is the best shopping list recaller) if I say were going in the car he has to know were or there will be tears, change causes so much anxiety for such a boy it is hard to fathom at times, I myself suffer from anxiety and I know as an adult how debilitating it can be let alone being a child with no control of their own lives, depending on others for everything.

So I was gobsmacked when he came to me that afternoon saying how awesome it would be if he could attend.

I left it a few days to see if the novelty would wear off, but after various chats of the reality of the program he still wanted to continue with registration, he didn’t waiver, even despite knowing it wouldn’t just be AFL games, and as far as I knew he wouldn't know anyone there (hell I wouldn't know anyone there we only just moved here)

So I did it, I paid the fee’s and signed him up. (I took solace in the fact both hubby was volunteering to help out and I could be down there cheering him on)

 April the 22nd is his first day.

 So it seems I might have to find my folding chair and thermos and get ready to cheer my boy along at the bitter hour of 8:30am everyday Sunday morning if all goes to plan.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cause & Effect

Well the tissue paper only entertained until lunch time but by that time the sun was shining on the back patio so in a bid to keep warm and get some fresh air we headed outside.

Our pool is still set up out and full of water and the kids took to floating various objects in it so rather than discourage them from doing what I knew they were going to do regardless I  thought why not decorate and race some paper boat?  

(*Miss Moos second front tooth fell out this morning*)

Why? Because they sink and go all soggy that's why!

So not to be defeated by my own bad idea I constructed foil one's.
Eat your heart out pirate Pete, Ha har!

I surprised myself with my origami abilities, so my next plan is to make a few fish so the kids can "play fish" with magnets, but I think that's for another day.

The Humble Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is often over looked in my craft box, its more of a condiment to the creations then a creation itself, but today was it's turn to shine so to speak.

The kids made there own tissue paper pom pom's today as it is to cold and blustery outside, my joints ache just at the thought and my hands are still a shade of pale blue, so whilst I kept myself busy with my own project for Miss Moos room so as not to interfere with there's, they created and crafted away.

Once they were finished the tissue paper then become kites zooming about the house and parachute's with real army men attached dropping from the balcony upstairs.
Hours of entertainment. Phew!

Image is of my finished product hanging in Miss Moos room, looks quiet effective, and cheap enough to make for parties, or any occasion really .

Monday, April 9, 2012

Little Fishies.

There's a chill in the air today that's a brutal reminder Autumn is just around the corner, and with that cold shiver that had me reaching for my warm cardigan, what do you think my kidlets wanted to do? Swim!  

Now of all the things I love my husband for (and by god the list is a mile long) getting in the water with the kids rain, hail or shine is one of them, and the irony of it is I'm a qualified swimming instructor, but I hate the water and being cold, it has to be extreme conditions for me to get into the water for leisurely activities. I know weird huh.
My kids on the other had, icebergs can be floating past and they'll still be begging to jump in, My three little fish.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family Rules & Values

What are your Family rules and values?

These are ours summed up on a wall hanging I got for Christmas of 2011.
And whilst most of the time our hugs resemble head locks and our kind words are shouted down the hall way,
 we tend to tick majority of these off everyday, especially when push comes to shove, like most families.

So tell me, what are your family rules and values?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Drive In Movies

Going to the movies as a family with 3 kids has it's challenges and is a stressful adventure on its own, without adding Autism into the mix as well.
Well for me I have no choice and I refuse to have any of my children miss out on any experience or be the only child in the play ground who hasn't seen a movie or been to the local circus solely because one of my children has a special gift.

We've been to commercial cinema's before with all the kids, but since moving to Sydney, despite really wanting to go we really couldn't afford to, at $97.50 just for tickets, that's right just for tickets, that's before the popcorn and drinks, it was an expensive gamble to make with Master Z whom could quiet possibly get agitated with the crowds, level of noise, the feel of the seats, where he was seated, the smell of the the cinema, how bright or loud the movie was, the list is endless and there really is no telling what could set him off, only precautions to reduce the reaction he has to them and tactics to keep him calm, could be put in to place before hand.

But when my hubby found an advertisement for the local black town drive in cinema's screening "The Lorax" and "The Pirates" and only for $25 a car we thought it would be a great way to start the Easter holidays.
The kids decided on the pirates, so we packed some nibbles, drinks, chairs, jumpers, and areoguard (do not forget that) and set on our way.

Now in comparing the two there are so many reasons why I prefer the drive in cinemas to commercial cinemas aside from cost, especially with a child with Autism, here they are in no particular order.
  • Room to move without bothering anyone but yourselves (depending on where you park)  Master Z along with my other 2 can't sit still especially for an hour plus, they continually climbed from the tray of ute into cab all night long. 
  • You can bring your own snacks, you can still purchase cinema food there as well, we grab fresh popcorn, but if your smalls prefer something else as a treat then that is an option.
  • The level of volume is up to you as the movie audio is tuned in through your radio.
  • They are in familiar surrounds, it is your car, there comfort zone, there safe haven, they can bring along favorite blankets etc, Master Z Brought his Pillow Pet.
  • Depending on how many cars there are (we were lucky) they can run about the parking lot during the movie if the need is there and sometime it is needed.
  • Noise. Doesn't bother anyone.
  • Less confined, I personally find Master Z doesn't feel confined or caged in, he loves the outdoors, yes he is scared of the dark and it was a full moon when we went, but the screen provided a lot of light, the snack shack behind us had lighting, the speaker hubs beside each car had lighting, and if he need further calming down we turned the door lights on in the car, but an after thought an a better option would be a battery operated push light.
So next time the cinema's are in your sights for an outing, consider the outdoor type if your area has them.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Sane Easter Everyone.

Surviving Easter for me will require lots of fun, interesting outdoor energetic activities.  

Thankfully we live just minutes walk from a network of walk/cycle ways connect by parks with various play equipment, ponds and estuaries full of wildlife (when I say full I mean little fish, tadpoles, ducks, turtles, and eels, but enough to be awesomely fascinating to smalls)

Surprisingly for Sydney the paths are lined with thick nature corridor's not the thin one's you usually see, which harbour there own Eco system of wildlife, lizards, beetles, bugs and slugs, all the things my kids just love.

I love taking the kids for a ride on there bikes and setting a list of things we need to find before we come home, different leaves, gum nuts, flowers, or common bugs, hours of entertainment.

The boys got a lesson on mushrooms this week and why we don't eat or touch one's we don't find in the store.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


As winter approaches I'd been determined to do a wardrobe overhaul of last years winter clothes to see what fits, considering we lived in winter clothes in Victoria surely there couldn't have been that much right?
well I proved myself wrong (that had to be a first) after my brutal overhaul Miss Moo had nothing,
I mean not even a pair of tracksuit pants left, bugger.

So on my child free day I've been leisurely trawling the op shops for little items here and there, until the stores have there winter sales, and decent warmer cloths.

Now my daughter and I never seem to see eye to eye on anything, but one thing I never get wrong is her taste in clothes, maybe because we are so alike, but it wasn't until the other day when she insisted on wearing one of the ensembles I'd brought home (I'd seen two separate outfits when I purchased it, but she managed to make it into one, go figure) that I realised theres no more puppies, fairies and pixie dust for her any more, it was all floral prints, demin, sequins, and lace, she was growing up and so was her sense of fashion.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

I’m a self confessed clean freak, I’m far from ashamed of it, I have 3 kidlets all armed with a pair of sticky hands and grubby feet and boy oh boy do my lot know how to use them.

General mess doesn’t faze me, I hate cleaning as much as the best of us but I love nothing better than that clean feeling you get from scrubbing those marks off a wall or mopping the floors that once felt slightly gritty under foot.

Personal hygiene however is a huge thing in my house hold, washing hands is a must, showers an baths every night, hair washed every 3 days, and for those that have kids will probably have one of those “ahhh” moment’s right about now, nails!

Bloody nails! finger nails and toe nails, nothing makes my skin crawl any more than feeling a little ones finger nails or toe nails scrape against my skin, it’s like nails to a chalk board for me I can’t stand it.  If I discover one of my kidlets with long nails, immediate tactical response must be taken to rectify the situation.

It’s gross, and I know where my kids have been, my reaction is worse with other people’s kids, so much so it causes a gag reflex (I know rude right) imagine being me standing there like here sweetie would you like a lolly, kid takes lolly only for me to begin gagging, imagine what the parents of this poor child are thinking.

Safe to say my whole house hold is well manicured.       

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sydney Sider's Listen Up!!!!

LADIES CLOTHES SWAP - April 21st 2012

Melissa Cini is on a mission to raise awareness for SIDS and Kids NSW and their specific and unique bereavement support services that they offer to families just like hers. Melissa also aims to raise $10,000 for SIDS and Kids NSW to help the families in need of this support.

Saturday 21st April 2012

Parish Centre - Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church

198 Old Prospect Road, Greystanes 2145

• Prepurchase tickets for $20 or $25 on the day. 10% discount for groups of 5 or more who prepurchase online.
• Registration opens at 9a.m
• Morning Tea will be available to purchase while you wait for clothes to be screened, sorted and displayed.
• Doors open 10.15am
• Ladies clothing and ladies only (no children or men) on the day
• Bring up to 6 pieces of clothing or handbags in excellent condition – eg clothes that don’t fit, don’t match your hair any more!
• Each item of clothing gives you a token you can "spend’ on one item of clothing
• Communal change room available
• All clothes left over will be donated to the Pendle Hill Women’s Refuge


Limit of 6 garments in excellent condition per person. Purchase your tickets here, if you have any other enquiries,
please contact Melissa on 0413 676 700 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0413 676 700 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email

All funds raised from the clothes swap will go to SIDS and Kids NSW to enable us
to continue providing our vital bereavement support services.

OMG Emeli Sande....

Such a gorgeous voice, and honestly my salvation to tune out the circus. 

Do You Have A Craft Box?

I've always loved arts and craft so my craft box is one very over flowing 100 liter plastic tub in the base of my walk in wardrobe. The reject shops and spot light sales bargains are forever finding there way into my stash, I do however find it hard when it comes to craft time not to 'Over Help' my kids in there projects, so mummy sometimes gets her own little project to do so this does not happen (Don't Laugh I know I'm not alone)    

*image is of Miss Moo's Easter Hat for her parade today and Master Z's Easter Chicken Clown Egg, And Master Ty's Easter Ears*

Parent Teacher Interviews

I'm sure every parent dreads parent teacher interviews, or at least has some sort of apprehension going into them; no parent wants to hear their child is lagging behind or they need extra work, or the worst of their child is disruptive...

 As a mother of a child who is on the Autistic spectrum I dread these days even more.

I knew we would breeze through Miss Moo's interview she's a bright little spark, popular with all the other girls, a social butterfly some would say, top level for reading, comprehension, maths, writing content is spot on, the only constructive thing her teacher said was her writing was "a little flicky" but that comes from her first year in the Victorian school system, and it's slowly improving on its own.

Miss Moo's teachers comment was she could have 24 of Miss Moo in her class and it would be perfect. I know Miss Moo's teachers eccentric, but 24 of my daughter you'd have to be bloody mad.

Walking over to Master Z's class I asked if there was anything he should confess before we got there, I got no last minute admissions of guilt, not that I really expected one.

Now the thing with my boy is, academically he is brilliant, I’ve never really had to worry, he doesn't struggle but he’s no child genius, he is happily somewhere in the middle plodding along for his age.

But socially, and this is where the autism comes into play, he just out right doesn’t get it.

Master Z is what I'd say, is an awkward child, for me I love it, it makes him unique, but most parents and there “normal” children don't necessarily understand him, and sadly don’t want to take the time to, so they just ignore him, leaving him outcast.

The conversation that took place that night during our parent teacher interview still have me reeling, I’ve partially digested information only to bring it back up again, sift through it and digest again (graphic I know but that’s how it is) here I was at 7pm (with a splitting migraine) sitting across the desk from a bubbly teacher whom looked no older than myself expecting her to tell me the usual stuff I hear about Master Z, how he was a quiet student, a pleasure, sometime withdrawn,  produced great work but took his time about it, yahdah yahdah yahdah. But what she said floored me, made me sit up straight and fight back tears.  

Master Z had (after sometime) befriended one of the classes more “popular” kids.

 Now when I say popular what I mean to say loud, rowdy, boisterous, mischievous, some would dare say naughty kids in the class.

Now from my understanding this young lad comes with his own set of issues, some I’ve seen so many times before with my field of work as a special education aide, and majority of these kids appear rough but have hearts of gold and are just looking for someone to care (I have a soft spot for these kids I really do).

 But my boy is my boy and I’m his mother I protect and guide him, he doesn’t have the regular coping social skills of other children, but only just finding out now of this up and down flourishing relationship, I was little help. So I listened very intently.

 Turns out this kid has heart and is the confidence my son doesn’t know he lacks and the confidence and freedom of innocence I wish he had.

This kid lead my son, my quiet, meek, skinny bag of bones, never break a rule boy on his birthday along with the whole entire class on a conga line through the classroom just because it was his birthday and he thought he should, the smile couldn’t be wiped from Master Z’s face, Master Z has confidence with class for oral talks, he no longer feels nervous amidst his peers.

He even feels free enough to be cheeky and turn around during class work and chat to (disturbs) other students.

I know they say a bad influence is not a good influence but if it gives my boy the confidence and freedom to express himself any influence is a good influence.

Although the teacher and I (thankfully she was on the same page) are keeping a close eye on things and I have strong faith in Master Z's strong values of what is right and wrong, for the time being I think it's a good thing.

The Hill Billy Look Is So In Right???

All I can think of is thank god school photo's have already been taken before Miss Moo lost her first front tooth, She looks like a hill billy without the stalk of hay.

Don't get me wrong I love my precious girl, but we pay so much for school photo's these days, one's we don't see or even preview until D-day when there sent home on the hope and pray they turned out good and that hair style you spent hours doing stayed in place.

 Now begins that awkward period of one peg tooth at the front.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ladder Restoration Progect

Ever since these came out I fell in love with both their design and functionality, they fit perfectly in any room in the house as extra practical storage, show case storage for nic naks or just because there awesome. Those who know me well enough would just say I'm biased as I love anything wooden but when I seen this at the markets words need not be exchanged between Ron and I, just a single nod from across the parking lot. With the help of my loving hubby who has kindly offered to add another step, I'll sand her back with the care and tenderness she deserves, and varnish her once I'm done. Although this is a smaller version of what I would love to have in my house hold (to which my hubby confesses he has at his parents that he built in tech during high school ) I still see so much potential for photography session, pot plants, herbs, smaller lounge room, bedroom, displays, front door shoe stool, so many uses....

An Old Hand.

I'm not new to the world of blogging, not by a long shot, I use to blog some years ago, but as life goes for all of us and mine was no different it got busy with kids, school, study, sickness, daily mundane tasks, a few removals, and some momentous family events to balance things out. As time has rolled on, and the kids are settling in there respective new schools I have the time I longed for to blog, journal and document our most treasured memories.