Monday, April 16, 2012

Taming The Mane.

Yep it's like this every morning without fail, It's in need of a serious pruning, but the issue with moving is finding a new hair dresser that understands you and your hair.

It took me almost 8mth back in Victoria before I found a hair dresser that had a halo and wings.

I've been to one here to kill time, funny reason I know, long story short, I locked myself out of the house an couldn't justify the 2 and a 1/2 hour round trip to collect keys from hubby, so I got a hair cut to kill time between shopping, and whilst she was lovely and did the job I wasn't exactly singing her praise when I left.

So the hunt still continues, and the mane still grows wild free.

 I found a lovely little place the other day worth investigation so I popped my head in said Hi, ladies seemed pleasant, so I'll head on in once the kidlets head back to school and tame my tresses,

Maybe I'll just hack them all off, problem solved, 
hubby wont choke and strangle on them in his sleep, I wont have to brush my carpets every two days, my daughter and I wont fight over the "good" hair bands, problem solved,
everyone's happy happy happy!

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