Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Humble Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is often over looked in my craft box, its more of a condiment to the creations then a creation itself, but today was it's turn to shine so to speak.

The kids made there own tissue paper pom pom's today as it is to cold and blustery outside, my joints ache just at the thought and my hands are still a shade of pale blue, so whilst I kept myself busy with my own project for Miss Moos room so as not to interfere with there's, they created and crafted away.

Once they were finished the tissue paper then become kites zooming about the house and parachute's with real army men attached dropping from the balcony upstairs.
Hours of entertainment. Phew!

Image is of my finished product hanging in Miss Moos room, looks quiet effective, and cheap enough to make for parties, or any occasion really .

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