Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

I’m a self confessed clean freak, I’m far from ashamed of it, I have 3 kidlets all armed with a pair of sticky hands and grubby feet and boy oh boy do my lot know how to use them.

General mess doesn’t faze me, I hate cleaning as much as the best of us but I love nothing better than that clean feeling you get from scrubbing those marks off a wall or mopping the floors that once felt slightly gritty under foot.

Personal hygiene however is a huge thing in my house hold, washing hands is a must, showers an baths every night, hair washed every 3 days, and for those that have kids will probably have one of those “ahhh” moment’s right about now, nails!

Bloody nails! finger nails and toe nails, nothing makes my skin crawl any more than feeling a little ones finger nails or toe nails scrape against my skin, it’s like nails to a chalk board for me I can’t stand it.  If I discover one of my kidlets with long nails, immediate tactical response must be taken to rectify the situation.

It’s gross, and I know where my kids have been, my reaction is worse with other people’s kids, so much so it causes a gag reflex (I know rude right) imagine being me standing there like here sweetie would you like a lolly, kid takes lolly only for me to begin gagging, imagine what the parents of this poor child are thinking.

Safe to say my whole house hold is well manicured.       

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