Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ladder Restoration Progect

Ever since these came out I fell in love with both their design and functionality, they fit perfectly in any room in the house as extra practical storage, show case storage for nic naks or just because there awesome. Those who know me well enough would just say I'm biased as I love anything wooden but when I seen this at the markets words need not be exchanged between Ron and I, just a single nod from across the parking lot. With the help of my loving hubby who has kindly offered to add another step, I'll sand her back with the care and tenderness she deserves, and varnish her once I'm done. Although this is a smaller version of what I would love to have in my house hold (to which my hubby confesses he has at his parents that he built in tech during high school ) I still see so much potential for photography session, pot plants, herbs, smaller lounge room, bedroom, displays, front door shoe stool, so many uses....

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