Thursday, April 5, 2012


As winter approaches I'd been determined to do a wardrobe overhaul of last years winter clothes to see what fits, considering we lived in winter clothes in Victoria surely there couldn't have been that much right?
well I proved myself wrong (that had to be a first) after my brutal overhaul Miss Moo had nothing,
I mean not even a pair of tracksuit pants left, bugger.

So on my child free day I've been leisurely trawling the op shops for little items here and there, until the stores have there winter sales, and decent warmer cloths.

Now my daughter and I never seem to see eye to eye on anything, but one thing I never get wrong is her taste in clothes, maybe because we are so alike, but it wasn't until the other day when she insisted on wearing one of the ensembles I'd brought home (I'd seen two separate outfits when I purchased it, but she managed to make it into one, go figure) that I realised theres no more puppies, fairies and pixie dust for her any more, it was all floral prints, demin, sequins, and lace, she was growing up and so was her sense of fashion.


  1. It's funny how they shift isn't it? Poss' taste has also changed, far more grown up now than even 12 months ago.

    Sometimes I struggle to catch up, still looking longingly at the little girl cloths, but she is a right little fashionista and is becoming more confident in her own choices. A sure sign of growing up!

    1. I'm just greatful that I can still hold onto the polka dots, atleast for now anyways.


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