Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holiday Mode

So Tuesday I packed the car full stuff, 3 kidlets, an the dog and I embarked on a 6hr journey up the coast to my parents farm to see out the remaining school holidays. I'm blessed with excellent travelers and despite the DVD player having some power malfunction not even 30 mins out of Sydney we still survived the entire trip with out it. I love travelling but the gods were against me yesterday pouring bucket loads of rain all over my little car the whole entire trip, but nothing damped our spirites, we were going to Nanny and Boo Boo's. The kids have been live wires ever since they got out of the car practically running, the fresh air, room to run and endless adventure and places to explore have them running in circles like excited puppies chasing there tales. Even the slight rain shower this morning didn't deter them from there Easter treasure hunter, fully equipped with individual treasure maps, clues and x marks the spot ( post to follow ) They are having a ball, just what they need to rest and recoup before going back to school next week.

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