Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sports Of Sorts

It's every fathers dream to have their son play some sort of man to man contact, sweaty, chase a ball, beastly sport, whether it be AFL, Rugby, cricket, union, soccer or something similar.

Well my house hold is no different, my husband isn't one of those "weekend warrior must watch football" fans, nor does he play any sports aside from the compulsory Defence Force PT sessions but we are an active family, and we both wanted the kids to play some sort of sport.

Since moving we have tried to find something for Miss Moo and Master Z to do as extracurricular activities that suited our family budget and fitted in with our routines, but we also wanted to give the kids a choice as well, I mean they were the ones doing the activities right.

Finding something for Miss Moo was easier than expected, we kind of stumbled upon a dance physie group advertised through Master Ty’s day-care that suited her flamboyant charm to a T and at $80 a term we were happy as well.

Master Z was a little harder, but as his choice mattered he opted for karate, So we gave it a shot, after one session which he did quite well, and the weeks that followed it was evident this was not the sport for him, you see Master Z didn't understand that just because he had learnt to Defend himself didnt mean when his younger brother got too much for him to handle that it was ok to karate kick and chop away at until he was rendered a defenceless huddled heap in a corner screaming for his mum.

No matter how many talks we had with him, explaining the pros and con's, and do's, don't, and most importantly why's, Master Z seemed to think this was the best way to deal with his emotions.

Now I'm a Special Educational Aide, I deal with being hit, kicked, punched, spat on, sworn at all day long and know that it is all expressive language, no matter how you look at it, it is language in some form, But my son, who is newly 8 has never used violence as a form of language in my house hold never! Yes he has screamed and cried, had numerous melt downs, but never has he hit his siblings in rage or angst before, so to see this behaviour after one karate session, ONE session, no way was he going back.

So the search continued,

but there wasn't much around, Master Z insisted on soccer but the last time he played he ended in tears due to accidentally getting kicked in the shin, not because it hurt but because master Z didn't understand that sort of accident is what happens in that sort of game, but he thought the child didn't like him, and refused to go back to play, and upon reminding him of that and going over the rules of the game, the “nervous Nelly” (as I call it) in him opted out.

So this week at their school assembly, a wonderful representative from the Giants got up and announced the NAB AFL Aus Kick program that was starting up soon, I listened as he explained to the whole school what the program was all about, and found myself in awe of how engaged he had the whole entire school hall full of kids listening and chuckled at how envious the teachers must be.

But I paid no attention to details from the moment he mentioned “various sports” as Master Z is strict with routines would have none of that I thought to myself for sure, I mean at home if you say you’re doing something, you do it, if you write something down, it’s going to be done, (he is the best shopping list recaller) if I say were going in the car he has to know were or there will be tears, change causes so much anxiety for such a boy it is hard to fathom at times, I myself suffer from anxiety and I know as an adult how debilitating it can be let alone being a child with no control of their own lives, depending on others for everything.

So I was gobsmacked when he came to me that afternoon saying how awesome it would be if he could attend.

I left it a few days to see if the novelty would wear off, but after various chats of the reality of the program he still wanted to continue with registration, he didn’t waiver, even despite knowing it wouldn’t just be AFL games, and as far as I knew he wouldn't know anyone there (hell I wouldn't know anyone there we only just moved here)

So I did it, I paid the fee’s and signed him up. (I took solace in the fact both hubby was volunteering to help out and I could be down there cheering him on)

 April the 22nd is his first day.

 So it seems I might have to find my folding chair and thermos and get ready to cheer my boy along at the bitter hour of 8:30am everyday Sunday morning if all goes to plan.  

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