Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Newest Favorite Show

This moving TV series is about an 10 year old Autistic boy that has never spoken a single word in his young life, but his Father who raises him on his own out of desperation has found a way to communicate with, and hear just what Jake wants to say.

I've been drawn in to this series from the very beginning.

Its down right touching, passionate, and riveting and undoubtedly full of all the love and raw kinds of emotions only a parent can have.


  1. oooh ive wanted to watch this! i have an autistic kiddo and a lot of my friends with autistic kiddos have recommended it!

  2. Oh Dot, Thanks for popping by, and I strongly suggest you do, But be warned it is slightly addictive, Monday's Channel 10 8:30pm.


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