Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First School Camp

My Big Boy had his first school camp last night.

I may or may not have panicked a little bit......

Ok I panicked A LOT!

His class went to Taronga Zoo to participate in the Zoo snooze, we had to drop the kids back down at the school office at 4:15pm for a 4:30pm departure and they are to return today at 3pm normal school finishing time.

I found myself snapping at hubby before we even left the house yesterday as I cracked under the pressure of the boy venturing off into the unknown, “His bags bigger and heavier than him, read the brief GI Joe it say’s SMALL Backpack” My gosh I’m the first to admit I’m a bitch when I stressed.

Hubby took him into school as requested by the boy, dagger to mums heart but I waited, wounded in the car with the other two.

We attended Miss Moos dance class and returned home.

The house, safe to say was eerie quiet (aside from the rhythmic patter of my pacing feet)

Funny how you take away one child from any family with 3 kidlets and the dynamics change completely, things normally moved remain untouched, house stays cleaned, parent stay calm and productive, children become angelic and quiet, it’s all rather strange really and for reasons unbeknownst to mankind it's unexplainable and I found it really unsettling.

The boy had a choice of buying his lunch today or taking it, but I sent him with both, I panicked at the last minute and thought what if he didn’t like anything at the shop, I know he would just go without, but would anyone notice? Would anyone help him?

So I packed his lunch box with a mountain of snacks to feed him + 2, just in case and a sandwich.

After annoying hubby with a million questions on if the boy would be able to open his sleeping bag and unroll his mattress on his own, and be able to roll it back up and pack it away without a meltdown, because we know he’s a perfectionist.

I laid in bed half the night worrying sick.

What if he sleep walks?
What if he panics and there's no night light?
What if he wets the bed, Oh god he has no spare change of clothes!
Will his class mates tease his after this trip?
Will he hate school after this trip?
Will his behavior change after this trip? Good? Bad? No Change?
What if he wants to come home?
What if he's scared?
What did he have for tea?
Is he warm enough?
Will he have nightmares now?
What area did they sleep in? please not with the spiders.

I roll over and look at the clock it was 3:12am

I was fuming that the school only allowing 4 Teachers for 2 classes (which is ample I know) and no parent volunteers, no contact number for parents to call.

I don’t know if I would have called or not, had I have had a number but I may have been more settled knowing I had the option there if I wanted to.

I’ve really over thought this trip and I really worked myself up over it, I’m exhausted from lack of sleep, I know he’ll come home had the best time, had no dramas (or if he had not tell me for 4 days)

but that’s what happens when you’re a parent, and when you’re a parent of a child with special needs the worry is just that much greater.  


  1. This just happened to my house except my oldest had a 4 night camp, she comes home friday and I am afraid I may be bold by that stage :S

  2. OMG Your brave, 4 days! I'm not sure my nerves would of held up for 4 days I think hubby would be ready to ship me off to an institution after 2.

    I sincerely hope she has had the time of her life, and is bouncing off the walls with incessant chatter and joy.

    Good Luck


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