Friday, May 4, 2012

Frumpy Friday.

Why Frumpy Friday?

Why am I not celebrating the fact that the weekend is so close everyone can smell it.

Because lets face it, I don't have the energy to sum up the energy to get excited over the weekend.

Its been an exhausting flat out week, I feel like the kids have run emotional ring around me, I was sick all day yesterday, I had blood tests this morning that resulted in 4 collapsed veins, spearing a needle straight through one vein and resorting to sucking out my blood with a syringe rather then letting it flow like they normally do, because apparently my blood just stopped? God for all I know it was boycotting, probally felt like a lunch break, we had worked the bastard the 30mins, next time I'll send it a memo letting it know it had a duty to keep moving.
Fingers crossed the doctor havested enough, because the junkie look just isn't in this season I'm pretty sure.

So my choice of clothes today reflect my rather sombre, I really don't care kind of mood today.

  • My Big W skinny leg jeans, which I seriously think the seam at the back in coming apart so their ready to retire,
  • My Blinded By Youth T-shirt from Zara, I love this shirt, not only for the fact that it so damn quirky but because it has a zipper on the front, side ways!
  • My black asymmetrical cardigan from cotton On, because that breeze this morning was chilly.
  •  The good old Mambo Thongs, Just incase the weather warmed up.
  •  Fav Sunnies by Ruby, to hide the bags under my eyes

So Whats Your Frumpy Friday Look Like?

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  1. I think you are looking pretty rocking, even for a Friday!! Hope your weekend is turning out to be better!


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