Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walking In The Sun

Ever get those days when just the very thought of being stuck inside gives you instantaneous claustrophobia.
Well today was my day.
I pulled into the drive after dropping off kidlet 1 & 2 at school and just couldn’t drag myself and kidlet 3 into the cold dreary house for another day of house work, and nothingness.
So I put the car into reverse and set off to the park (which I prayed they’d completed building)
I ran about in the sun with my boy, pushing and swinging him at his command, took a breather an watched him play and take turns with another younger girl who was smitten by him, and followed him to every different activity he chose, it was quite funny.
Days like this are so rare between us during the week, fun filled adventurous days are for the weekends as a family.
But we both had such a ball, and to see that smile plastered across his face was a raw reminder that he’s not so little anymore, he’s an independent boy with thoughts and opinions of his own, but what caught me off guard is realising he is in school next year and I won't get the chance to act on a whim like I did today, seeing him so carefree and animated being out there playing, and the excited chatter and stumbling over words recounting his day to his Dad and siblings was priceless.
So we made a deal to do it at least once a week from now on, just me and him walking out in the sun, hand in hand, enjoying the day.

What's one thing you wish you could do more of during the week?

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